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Beautiful Widgets for HTC Smartphone

Beautiful Widgets set of Widgets containing two skinned clocks + weather widget with forecast and nice weather animations (rain, storm, etc). Nice toggle widgets for Wifi, BT, etc. Multiple layouts and 140+ skins! See why it is the best Android widgets and the only choice for thousands of users!
Price: €1.49

AndroidTapp.com Android App Review:


Beautiful Widgets are well… just beautiful! The set of Android home screen widgets resemble the impressive UI of the HTC Sense available on the HTC Hero phone. The set includes a larger 4×2 and 4×1 smaller clock and weather widget with options to set your location. Tap the weather icon to open a cool animation of your current weather conditions. Weather gives a four day forecast, the days high/ low and current temperature. Set 12/24 hour format and Fahrenheit/Celsius temperature. There are several 1×1 quick settings toggle widgets for Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, Silent, Vibrate, Brightness and Airplane modes.
The app features hundreds of downloadable weather skins to replace the default within the main widget, plus hundreds of downloadable skins for the overall look of Beautiful Widgets… so you don’t have to use the HTC Sense UI style. There’s styles for clean, grunge, Eclair (Android 2.1), and more so you never get bored with multiple styles to choose from.
There has been recent support for Beautiful Live Weather Live Wallpapers too! The current Live Wallpaper is a mock of the Grass live wallpaper that has the wavy grass and animation of your current weather be it sunny, rainy, cloudy, etc. factoring in morning/evening styles.


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