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Bit4 Games releases Crab It .apk

Some folks like to eat crabs while others keep them as pets and feed them. If you fall into the latter category Bit4 Games has just the thing for you with their new Android game called Crab It!
Crab It! lets you control a little crab at the bottom of the ocean and your job is to feed him the good stuff while keeping the trash out of his gullet. When you see food you tap it to make little morsels appear; the more you tap a fish the more food will come out of it. You’ll want to keep Mr. Crabby below his incoming food and you can do that by dragging him back & forth with your finger. There will be a lot of trash floating around as well; if you get hit with trash you lose some life and when you run out of life you’re toast. You’re supposed to sort the trash into bins, but I found that pretty difficult to pull off in the brief time I spent with Crab It! There are a few power-ups to pickup and Crab It! also utilizes Openfeint if you’re into scoring & achievements.
I only gave the game a brief run-through and Crab It! seems to be a simple, but fun little time-killer. The graphics are sharp and it’s an easy game that almost anyone should be able to pick up and play. You can check out Bit4 Games Crab It! in the Android market for free.


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