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Call Blocker+ Android App Download,Block unwanted calls

Call Blocker+ Android App Download Block unwanted calls
You can easily block unwanted calls with "Call Blocker+". Select your call blocking parameters and don't disturb incoming calls. Use this application at the meeting, resting, working, sleeping or want to get rid of disturbing numbers.

Download Call Blocker+ Android App
Call Blocker+ Android App Application properties
- Call blocking options (Hangup, Answer Hangup),
- Create blacklist,
- Add to blacklist numbers from phonebook or call history,
- Blocking numbers in blacklist,
- Blocking out of contacts,
- Blocking hidden and private numbers,
- Display the blocking call list,
- Blocking all incoming calls,
- Notification feature
Application updating as many times as possible.

Download Call Blocker+ Android App


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