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Enchanted Realm v1.1.1 Apk

Enchanted Realm v1.1.1 Apk | 26 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up

Enchanted Realm isn't just a game, but a captivating fantasy adventure. The setting is a far-away and wondrous kingdom, where magic is as common as regular trade, and citizens rejoice as a wise and just king ascends the throne. And that king is you!

v1.1.1 update:
- Minor technical updates
- General game improvements
- Snow has melted
- 4 new chapters added to the story
- New quests
- New buildings, decorations and plants
- Prince and Princess statues, which increase income of the whole Kingdom
- Enchanted Storage, which can keep 3 times more goods

Enchanted Realm has got festive snow by the truckloads, with gifts and surprises literally dropping from the sky! Hurry up and build your very own fairy tale!

Game objectives:
- Develop your kingdom, which fell on hard times because of an evil sorceress
- Erect residential and service buildings
- Grow plants and harvest them
- Gather resources and collect taxes
- Expand your territory and increase your population
- Stock up on gold and energy
- Assemble unique collections of items
- Carry out exciting plot-driven objectives
- Get awards and share your achievements with your Facebook friends
- Build your very own Enchanted Realm!

Game features:
- Complex storyline with many unique characters
- Highly advanced graphics and brilliant animation
- Thorough reconstruction of city life and its peculiarities
- More than 50 unique residential and service buildings
- Original item collections
- Territory expansion for in-game money
- Spectacular soundtrack
- The ability to send special promo codes to your friends and get rewards
- The ability to share your achievements with your friends via Facebook and Twitter



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