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EzJoy Network unleashes Devil Hunter into the Android Market

Sometimes you come across a game that you’ve got to play to really “get” and that’s the case with a new game from Ezjoy Network called Devil Hunter. The market description is a bit jumbled to say the least, but the game itself is quite a bit of fun.
Devil Hunter involves a town that’s been occupied by scores of devils and your job is to take them out. When you fire up a level you’ll see one or more devils scattered about the level, and you can kill them in a variety of ways. Sometimes it’s by dropping things onto them while other times you can just blow them up with a well placed bomb. The gameplay is physics-based so you’ll be able to touch, slice and pop things in the environment to complete your goal. Devil Hunter has just one world with 30 levels, and there are no extras or Openfeint; it’s pretty bare bones to say the least.
Devil Hunter is a fun game with a great concept, but it’s short and could definitely use a few extra bells and whistles. It’s also ad-supported which most of us are used to but the ads are there during gameplay so they might be distracting for some. If you like physics games I’d definitely give it a look; hopefully they’ll ad some more levels in the near future. You can pick up EzJoy Network’s Devil Hunter for free in the Android market.


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