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Life is Crime V1.2.1g .apk mediafire

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Life is Crime V1.2.1g for Android, free android games, android casual games free:

Play the #1 Grossing Crime Game on Android. Real Places. Virtual Crime.

Turn your daily routine into criminal turf. Life is Crime is a first-of-its-kind, location-based mobile RPG for Android.

"Unlike the glut of copycat games that make trolling the Android Market a chore, this location-based crime sim stands out like a guilty perp in a police lineup. Its inspired concept turns real-life to-do list tasks — like going to the bank — into reputation-building, territory-dominating virtual criminal activities — like robbing said bank." -EW

Play where you live. Build your rep. Dominate your Turf.
Pick-up and drop off packages. Battle for Real Places.

Start your Criminal Gang! Gang-up with 3 other players to become notorious.
- Get Live chat
- Rep Bonuses
- Win epic items in Gang competitions

Climb regional leaderboards and build your Criminal Rep at Real Locations!
- Fight for Real Locations
- Pick up and drop off packages
- Complete missions

Dominate real coffee shops and local restaurants to international airports: Life is Crime transforms everyday places into contested criminal territory.
The more active you are, the higher your criminal reputation and the more notorious you become where you live. Commit Virtual crime at Real Places.

- Gear up! Fully Customizable avatar: 200+ equipable guns, gear, and items.
- Unlock Achievements! Earn over 50 Achievements - Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
- Pick and Drop off Packages at real locations and profit together.
- Real World Game Map: The game map grows and persists over time with player interaction - become legendary where you live.
- Dominate your Turf! Leaderboards & PvP: Fight other players at real locations.
- Build your Criminal Reputation: Become notorious within your home town or city - fight and dominate territory to keep your Rep high.
- Missions: Complete missions at any coffee shop, bank, gas station, and more. The “Rob Bank” mission can be virtually completed at any bank, anywhere.

Play with Friends:
- GameFeed enables players to share achievements, goals, and gameplay moments with other players. Discover new places and players.
- R2 Gaming Network. The R2 Network also features push notifications and deep integration with social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter and Google.

What's in this version:

1. Arsenal bonus
2. your collection of weapons now figures into fights
3. the number of weapons included increases by level
4. higher quality weapons in your arsenal results in greater bonuses
5. New Achievements
6. four new achievements for each existing rank
7. twelve new platinum-level achievements
8. Bug fixes

Some words from players who love this free android game:

highly addicting & competitive, yet fun for family and friends. This game makes me want to travel the world, while simultaneously going on a virtual crime spree. This is my favorite game to play!

Great game, needs a messaging system in r2 though.

The best game ever! If it was third person like Grand Theft Auto. It would be the best and most addictive game ever.

This android casual game is very addicting and very funny! It's basically a social game, and you could add your friends and play together! it's very popular, and got 4.5 stars average, rated by 20,404 players and totally installed about 5,000,000 times!

Updated: January 31, 2012
Current Version: V1.3.0g
Requires Android: 2.2 and up

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