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PhotoSpeak Android App Download,static portrait photo move Apk,

PhotoSpeak Android App Download,static portrait photo move Apk,
PhotoSpeak play style is very simple, now take a picture, or from built-in pick out a photo album pictures of someone like, choose rules is to positive, don't wear glasses, keep your mouth shut up, and then the head and face to see clear, adjust the size selected, PhotoSpeak will put the photos to their server operators, it again after the completion of the mobile phone, so when using Internet must attachment, and had better use Wi-Fi attachment.
It is fun like after, will see just choose photos of characters, such as live in mobile phone, or like in 3 D games like of the character, heads nodding around look in all directions, with fingers click screen around, his line of sight also will follow you click on the place run. And then also can help him to dub, the characters in the picture will open mouth to speak.
Note: upload pictures as the background of a single, can appear otherwise failed download.
MotionPortrait company launched PhotoSpeak, this software can let a static portrait photo move, even mouth to speak will glance left and right, very, very interesting.
PhotoSpeak Android App DownloadDownload PhotoSpeak Android App
PhotoSpeak, the No. 1 iPhone hit from Japan, makes the leap to Android!
PhotoSpeak™ can transform any portrait photo into a moving 3D avatar that repeats your every word. You can make anyone come alive, just like the talking wall portraits in Harry Potter’s Hogwarts castle.
How to use the app
? Take a portrait photo or pick one from your photo library, and the face will automatically start moving in 3D.
? Talk to it and it will repeat your every word.
? Share your 3D movie with friends via PhotoSpeak Mail.

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