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Sensors Monitor Android App Download,

Sensors Monitor Android App Download,
Graphical Sensors Monitor
-Tablet support(large screens)-New interaction feature added !!!!!!!!
(interaction mode read more by clicking interact button)-Large graphic view-Speed in all direction(x,y,z) km,mph
-Total g-force-Direction compass in degrees (n,w,s,e)-Magnetic field x z y-Total magnetic field
Orientation-Pitch roll angles
(speed sensitivity will depend on magnetic field around you, on the move accuracy)
Control graphic speed rate
Slow Button
Fast Button
please keep in mind that, accuracy of speed will depend on the magnetic sensors and the magnetic field around you, if you see the values high ,it does not mean that it is not accurate, it means that detected magnetic field is high , while you are not on the move
Sensors Monitor  Android AppDownoad Sensors Monitor  Android App
Download Android App Sensors Monitor


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