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Snake 3D Revenge Android Game Download.Remake of classic snake,

Snake 3D Revenge Android Game Download.Remake of classic snake,
Snake 3D is free game. Remake of classic snake, with OpenFeint and 3d FPP view.
In this 3D game you play as Snake, which can digest everything he finds on his way. Most of the encountered objects increase Snake’s length – he grows immediately after meal and along with time it causes the game becomes more difficult, exacting and gives satisfaction and huge fun!… Remember! Don’t try to eat walls (you need calcium, huh?) and don’t play with your tail (this behaviour is not welcome)!
Take a part in the great Snake’s adventure. Unlock all of the worlds and levels. Collect cups and trophies for obtained results. Help Snake with rescue his beloved beauty from claws of the cruel Secretarybird and other disasters!
Snake 3D Revenge Android GameDownload Snake 3D Revenge Android Game
Snake 3D Revenge Android Game features:
- five different 3D worlds
- three dimensional game-play with fpp view
- 20 levels
- 18 unique objects in each world, which affect Snake.
- four game modes (story, time battle, free play, survival)
- included openfeint
- achievements’ system
- three different difficulty levels (for both casual and hardcore gamers)
- trophies for good and great results
- high scores
- control via touch screen, DPAD, trackball and numeric keys
We hope you have fun playing our first released game.

Download Snake 3D Revenge Android Game


{ Nancy M. Dukes } at: December 30, 2014 at 11:36 PM said...

Great! Thanks! I want to share Worm Turns android wear game with a simple gameplay. The classic Snake is back and on your wearable! All you have to do is control your worm and eat as much as you can, turning it into the daddy of worms! Everyone can download it from: Google Play

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