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The Sims Free Play Games andorid .apk

The original Sims was the last Sim game I played. It had two expansions and didn't extend very far beyond a single neighborhood, but the things you could create and play around with in it were fantastic. The Sims Free Play has stuck to its roots with a similarly engaging and surprisingly powerful game for a mobile platform.
The Sim games are, at their heart, about creativity. The Sims for Android packs a lot of the same creativity tools from earlier Sim games. I was surprised to find that all of the same functions from the first game—character creation, house design, landscaping and architecture toys—were not only present, but have a huge library of options to choose from.
sims1 sims2 sims3
The game also has a series of objectives and goals to get you started, if you've never played a Sims game before. It does require an internet connection, though it's a little unclear why. It doesn't appear that your Sims live online with your friends' Sims, so it's not an MMO. The Market listing, unfortunately, doesn't offer any insight into why an internet connection is required, either.
The Sims Free Play comes in two flavors, North America and Everyone Else, so be sure to get the right one for your region. We've got both available for your clicking pleasure below.
Thanks, Daniel!
The Sims Free Play North America
Download The Sims Free Play North America from the Android Market
by Electronic Arts Inc
50,000 downloads, 385 ratings (3.4 avg)
The Sims Free Play Rest of the World .apk mediafire
Download The Sims Free Play Rest of the World from the Android Market


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