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Flipped Android Game Download,Exciting puzzle game

Flipped Android Game Download,Exciting puzzle game
Flipped” is an exciting puzzle game that anyone can easily pickup and enjoy.
Guide Crateos the crate through level after level of mind bending fun by tilting, turning, and flipping your device to alter gravity within the level. Avoid hazards such as TNT, buzz saws, and even black holes; all the while collecting gems and trying to reach the end. Earn bronze, silver, and gold medals for each level and try your hand at beating our own times on each level to achieve the coveted “Author Medal.” Over 60 levels of enjoyment, complete with 3 distinct themes and plenty of unlockable “secret” levels.
Whether you have a few hours, or just looking to spend a few minutes at the bus stop, “Flipped” can be picked up and played for any amount of time and for any type of player.
NOTE: Internet access is used to send anonymous usage reports to us through Flurry. No personal data or location will be saved or sent. Internet access is also NOT required to play or own the game.
Flipped Android Game DownloadDownload Flipped Android Game
Download Exciting puzzle Android Game Flipped


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