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Download AppZilla 45 Apps in 1 Android Full Free

AppZilla! 45 Apps in 1! Android App.Android... meet AppZilla™!
Introducing the app that defined an entire genre on the iPhone! The smash hit, AppZilla™, is NOW AVAILABLE for your Android! This version of AppZilla™ contains 45 apps in 1 for a single low price.
That's right, 45 apps ...ranging from lifestyle apps like Horoscope, Holiday Reference, Famous Quote Reference and Journal to tools like Bubble Level, Surface Level, Battery Life and System Info to productivity apps like Group Email, Group SMS, Journal and Checklist... and even entertainment apps like Crystal Ball, Dice Roller, Big Button, Police Scanner and more!
The best part is, AppZilla is GROWING, new apps are added with each free update.
Download  45 Apps in 1 Android AppZilla Full
45 Apps in 1 Android AppZilla Full
AppZilla™ (v1.1) currently contains the following apps -
- (NEW!) Lyrics Search- (NEW!) Dice Roller- (NEW!) Body Mass Index Calc
- (NEW!) Basal Metabolic Rate Calc- (NEW!) Music Box- 50,000 Famous Quotes Reference
- Police Scanner- Area Code Lookup- Auto Camera- Game Buzzer- Battery Life Monitor
- Big Button- Checklist- Crystal Ball- Surface Level- Sleep Sounds Generator- Coin Flip
- Journal- Currency Converter- Dictionary- Group Email- Group SMS- Random Facts
- Holiday Reference- LED Flashlight Bubble Level- Concert Lighter- Horoscope
- Random Jokes- GPS Locator- Moon Phase Calculator Password Generator- Plumb Bob
- Price Calculator- Reverse Dictionary- Random Number Generator- Rhymes Dictionary
- Sale Price Calculator- Spell Check- System Info- Thesaurus- Tic Tac Toe
- Language Translator- Unit Converter- with MORE COMING in the next free update...

Download 45 Apps in 1 Android AppZilla Full Free


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