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Flip Riders Android Game Download Full free.

Flip Riders Android Game Free Full
Download Flip Riders FREE Today and get 60 Levels of Ad-Free Motocross Fun!
Flip Riders™ introduces an entirely new “spin” in the world of 3D-based motocross challenges as you choose your custom rider to face some of the most entertaining and wacky obstacle course trials ever seen on an Android device. It’s an experience that is artistically fresh and highly engaging as you perform jumps, wheelies, 360’s, front flips, back flips, and an assortment of aerial maneuvers, while racing the clock, avoiding disasters and always improving your high scores!

Flip Riders Android Game Download Flip Riders Android Game
Flip Riders Android Game
The completely new version 1.2.1 of Flip Riders™ delivers on a long list of exciting and challenging features as you will face:
-2 challenging and different modes of play (Easy and Extreme)
-6 unique worlds, each introducing a variety of new hazards and obstacles
-5 different Filp Riders characters with ranging skills (some are unlockable)
-3 different gameplay control systems to match your preferred playing style
-60+ challenging and highly replayable obstacle courses
-Checkpoint based progression to help you through the insane content
-Strategically collect the “Golden Trophies” for even BIGGER bonus points
-A “Trick Mode” control that slows down time for your really big stunts
-Facebook and Open Feint integration enabling you to share your scores, progress and achievements!

Download Flip Riders Android Game


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