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Free Download Dream Match Tennis Pro RIP Portable Games (54MB)

Dream Match Tennis Pro Portable Games - In a game of course there are rules that serves as a starting point how to play tennis as well as restrictions on what can and can not be done in a game of tennis. When referring to the complete regulations issued by the ITF (International Tennis Federation).

1. Scoring

Let us start from the smallest unit first. Standard calculation of figures used in tennis is as follows:

- Zero (love)
- 15
- 30
- 40
- Game

In the event of a draw on points score of 40, then declared Deuce (Indonesia-juice) and the player attempts to win two consecutive points to win the game.

The player who wins the game will get a number and must be collected to win six games. But in case of equal numbers at points 5 (5-5), then the game continues until 7. If the game is still balanced well at number 6 (6-6), then the game continues in the calculation of Tie Break.

Tie Break happened to score the game 6-6 and the player has started serving a turn from the right side of the field players (deuce court) one time and then move on his opponent's serve to start from the left side of the field (ad court) with a further two occasions and each earn two occasions serve.

If a player has won its games until 6 or as mentioned above, then the player is said to grab a set. The standards used in tennis tournaments applying two sets of systems, namely:

- Best of Three: players need 2 sets to win the game.

- Best of Five: players need 3 sets to win the game.

2. Services and Receivers

Service is the opening shot of a point made in the deuce court player and the receiver is the player who received a blow on the side of the diagonal of the serving player or equally serve on the deuce court. Players who perform the service required to hit the ball toward the opposing player on the deuce court service area line.

Players get two times the opportunity for service. But when the service hit the net and fell on the area inside the opponent's service area, then the service is repeated according to ration service history (for example if the second service when the ball hits the net, then the service is repeated as a second serve and a chance 1 time service anymore).

For double, the first player to serve is determined before the game is played and as are the recipient. After the game finished, the receiver turns being the holder of the service and then rotated back to the second player from the team that first service control service and so on.

Services performed in line behind the baseline, on the right side of the field (deuce court) digonal headed toward the opponent's service area. The player who stepped on the line baseline or entering the area during a game of tennis racquet swing arms for service is considered a mistake (foot fault) and points to the receiving party.

3. Area and line games

For single or individual games, the game is in the minus zone alley area, while for the game playing double or multiple lines covering the whole field line in the baseline.

The line is the boundary of the area of ​​the game. If the entire section or part of the ball touches the line then the ball game because the ball touched the declared entry field bounded by a line.

4. Points

A player loses points if:

• Conduct two times the error on the servicing

• Unable to hit the ball after more than one time the ball hits the ground.

• Hitting the ball but the ball fall out of line games (out).

• Players who receive the service hit the ball before the ball bounces.

• The player deliberately hit the ball more than 2 times the touch.

• A player touches a part of the net with his racket or with the body when the ball was played.

• The player hit the ball before the ball crossed the net.
• The ball touches any part of the body or attached to his body other than a tennis racket.

• The ball touched the racket, but the player does not hold.

• In doubles play, both players touch the ball with the racquet as well.

New version Dream Match Tennis - three-dimensional (3D) tennis court on the PC. Dream Match Tennis has two modes of play which can be used as the keyboard and joystick - a game between two playing or between the player and computer. Game has 7 levels of complexity. The new version of the game you can control the inclination and turns of chambers that will allow playing to choose the necessary positions for game. Here is a rare phenomenon - a good simulator of the big tennis for PC!

Dream Match Tennis Pro Trailer

Year: 2009
Genre: Simulation tennis
Developer: Bimboosoft
Platform: PC
OS: Windows XP / Seven / Vista
Publication Type: Repack
Language: English only

System requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
256 MB RAM
DirectX 9.0c
DirectX Compatible 3D Card (GeForce FX 5200 128MB level)

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