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Ice Penguin 3D Android Game Download speedy dynamic game

Ice Penguin 3D Android Game is a speedy and dynamic game.
This game is set up with basic rules of curling scoring system and replaces the stone with sweet and lovely characters.
Game is played using various animal characters in the North Pole and the South Pole.
You can win by having a higher score than the opposing team.
Slide your penguins to the center and dodge the obstacles.
For getting scores, you need to reach closer to the center of the house or remove the opponent's menbers from play.
Also you can buy items using Pin points earned during play.
These items make your game more exciting and thrilling.
Ice Penguin 3D Android GameDownload Ice Penguin 3D Android Game
Ice Penguin 3D Android Game FULL VERSION FEATURES
- Tilt Control Gameplay
- 3 Game Mode Play(Story, Survival, Practice)
- 3 Level, 60 Stages to play
- Cute and Lovely Characters
- Variety of Obstacles and Items to help out
- Get PIN points and use items
- Fantastic and Marvellous realistic 3D graphics
- Speedy and Dynamic
- OpenFeint Achievements and Leaderboard
- Built with the powerful Unity3D game engine
Enjoy IcePenguin 3D !!!
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Download Ice Penguin 3D Android Game


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