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mufin player pro Android App Download unique player.

mufin player pro Android App Download unique player.
mufin player pro is a unique player, that offers great possibilities for music lovers to enjoy their tunes on Android devices. mufin player pro visualizes your music collection as an interactive music map: like google maps for your music collection.
The most stylish music player for Android: interactive music visualization
The pro version offers you even more features: more design options, even longer auto-playlists, even more musical enjoyment.
Special features of the pro-app:
Create automatic mufin-playlists consisting of 20 instead of 10 songs
- Change the axis assignments and choose between
Sad – happy,Electronic – acoustic,Less – more percussion
Quiet – aggressive,Dark – light sound color,Male – female vocals
mufin player pro Android App Download
mufin player pro Android App
Building playlists with mufin player is simple and fast: Play a song, tap the mufin button and let the player automatically find the perfect tracks to fit your mood in less than a second. The pro version features playlists consisting of 20 songs instead of 10, so you can enjoy even more music! All you need to do is specify a starting song and after that you can sit down and relax.
mufin player pro Android App Key features:
- navigate through your music collection visually in a way never before possible
- take advantage of the intuitive multi-touch interface optimized for your Droid
- decide if you want to listen to your music that is saved on the device or in mufin.drive
- build smart playlists based on sound recognition with a single fingertip
- filter your tracks for albums or artists with a single fingertip to handle huge music collections

Download your mufin.drive music collection on your mobile phone


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